DirectX 9.29.1974 April-2011

Include DX9,10 and 11

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AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk 4.4.0.RC36

Automatic NTFS formating
Automatic assignment of Drive letter
Several minor fixes implemented
Added support for 12GB and 24GB licenses
Updated user's manual
Features removed
1. User will not be able to use FAT16 or FAT32 or unformatted drive as a format option for RAMDISK, through the GUI. NTFS will be default format option through the GUI
2. User will not have the ability to create a RAMDisk without specifying an image path on harddisk
3. Save of image file on non-system drives has been made optional
4. Space reserved for OS increased to 1GB from 600MB

"حذف لگ افت فریم در بازی ها"

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